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Seattle Trans and Nonbinary Choral Ensemble

About us

Our Mission

To provide a vocal space free of gendered expectations, by and for Transgender and Nonbinary singers, to explore and express ourselves through music.

Our Vision

By building a community of trans and nonbinary singers, we aim to foster an environment where changing voices are authentically embraced. Our vision is an inclusive and accessible singing community where intersecting identities are centered at all levels of the organization. Through our music, both singers and audiences are encouraged to find embodiment and connect to our full selves, physical and emotional.

Land Acknowledgment and Commitment to Racial Justice

We would like to acknowledge that we rehearse and perform on the land of the first peoples of Seattle, the Duwamish, Muckleshoot, Stillaguamish, Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla Walla tribes, past and present and commit to honor with gratitude the land itself and the stewardship of these indigenous tribes. We encourage you to join us in this commitment by contributing to the local Heron's Nest Outdoor Education and Restorative Justice program and Real Rent Duwamish.


We also support the #BlackVoicesMatter movement and pledge to work towards anti-racism in all aspects of our music.

Executive Director

Haven Wilvich

She/Her pronouns

Artistic Directors

Kaelee Alicia Bolme

She/Her pronouns

Mikey Prince

He/They pronouns

Board Members

Andy Chapel

He/Him pronouns

Chris Moore

He/Him pronouns

Emma King

She/They pronouns

Kit Bissonette


Landon Shimek

He/Him pronouns

Lotus The Vibe

She/They pronouns

Michael Woodward

He/Him pronouns

Val Pavlović

They/Them pronouns


Wing Mui

She/Her pronouns

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