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Frequently Asked Questions

How will you be handling COVID precautions? 

  • We recognize that singing in person is not safe and accessible for everyone who is at high risk at this point in the pandemic, but we will do our best to make it as safe as possible. No in-person singing will be risk-free, but we also recognize the value in community and singing for mental health. 

  • We will provide N95 quality singer’s masks and require them at all times in the rehearsal space except when taking a sip of water. We will also have HEPA air purifiers in the space, and have a rehearsal and performance venue with large airspace and large enough to sit or stand at least 3 feet apart. If singers are feeling at all unwell, we ask them to stay home and join virtually. 

  • For concerts, we similarly plan to require masks and spacing for attendees and singers in most cases. Any exceptions to this will be with full consent of those involved, communicated well in advance, and all unmasked parties will have a current negative COVID test result.

  • Read our full COVID policy here


Am I eligible to audition? 

  • Anyone over age 18 who self identifies as under the Transgender and/or Nonbinary umbrellas is encouraged to audition. We will not be policing identities or labels in this group. 

  • You are not required to be able to read music but if you do not have experience, we encourage you to attend our pre-season “crash course” in music and ask for help from your peers and section leaders. 

What can I expect at my audition?

  • The purpose of the initial audition is to hear your voice and determine what section to place you in and what your current musical background is. We’ll ask you to sing a piece of music that you know already and if you do read music, we’ll have a piece available for you to sight read. If you have an audition piece that you can bring on paper, please bring an extra copy with you for the accompanist. Songs from memory are also fine.

I don't know how to read music. Can I still join? 

  • We'd still love to have you join us! An optional “crash course” on how to read music will be offered to members every other week from October to December. Specific topics will include how to sight-read using solfège (do re mi, etc.) and how to interpret the notation, dynamics, and expressions written on the page.

  • Those without any background in music theory who are interested in singing with STANCE are strongly encouraged to attend, as there will not be time set aside in rehearsals for explanations on how to read music. The subjects for the week will be known in advance and tailored towards the needs of those who audition and express interest.

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