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Here's a little peek behind the curtain for what it's like to be a member of STANCE!

STANCE Singers

Chorus Connection

Official communications from STANCE leadership will arrive via email, which we supplement that with our subscription to Chorus Connection


What you can find on Chorus Connection

  • Sheet music

  • Rehearsal tracks

  • Rehearsal Zoom link

  • Calendar of STANCE events

  • Attendance tracking (for section leaders)

  • Member roster

Check your welcome email for info on how to access Chorus Connection.


For unofficial communication, STANCE uses Discord. Our modmin team has worked hard to provide you with an easy onboarding experience so that you can engage with the STANCE community in ways that enable you to focus on the content that you find meaningful and relevant.

What you can find on Discord

  • Announcements

  • Social events

  • Carpool planning

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Community support

  • Pictures of pets

Check your welcome email for information about how to access Discord.

Choir Schedule

Due to the nature of our choir, STANCE does not publish our rehearsal location or times in order to protect our members. If you are a current member of STANCE, please check your welcome email to confirm location and time of rehearsals, use the Chorus Connection calendar, or reach out to Haven at  


Outreach choir

There are times that STANCE gets offered opportunities that are likely not realistic for the full choir to prepare for as a part of our regular timeline. Given the size of our group, some of these opportunities require a smaller group that is capable of a certain amount of self-preparation. That's why we've created Cantes!

The goal of Cantes is to have 16-40 singers representing a balance of members from each section (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). Knowing that there are reasons that people may need to switch sections (such as transition or other vocal-health related reasons), there is flexibility for changing voices, much like with our full choir. Please let Kaelee know if you need accommodation to participate in Cantes, by emailing her at

Choir Culture

There is so much more to STANCE than just singing! Click on these sections to learn more about our choir culture, our code of conduct, our COVID policy, and how to join us!

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