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Our 2024 auditions have closed. Please sign up for our email list or follow us on social media for updates if you are interested in auditioning in the future.

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Auditioning FAQ

Who can audition for STANCE?

Anyone over age 18 who self identifies as under the Transgender and/or Nonbinary umbrellas is encouraged to audition. We will not be policing identities or labels in this group. Singers of all experience levels are welcome to join. Currently we are an adult choir (ages 18+) but if you are a parent or teen and are interested in the chorus, please sign up for updates as we may expand the age range down to 16+ in the future.

What can I expect at my audition?

The purpose of the initial audition is to hear your voice and determine what section to place you in and what your current musical background is. We’ll ask you to sing a piece of music that you know already and if you do read music, we’ll have a piece available for you to sight read. If you have an audition piece that you can bring on paper, please bring an extra copy with you for the accompanist. Songs from memory are also fine.

I can't read music; can I still join?

You are not required to be able to read music to join us. Singers of all experience levels are welcome. If you are worried about your ability to keep up, we do offer a pre-season “crash course” in music in the Winter and you can always ask for help from your peers and section leaders.

As of Nov 29, 2023, masks are optional at STANCE rehearsals. We do require up to date COVID vaccinations including boosters.


We recognize that singing in person is not safe and accessible for everyone who is at high risk at this point in the pandemic, but we will do our best to make it as safe as possible. No in-person singing will be risk-free, but we also recognize the value in community and singing for mental health. We provide N95 quality singer’s masks to everyone who would like to wear a mask.


If singers are feeling at all unwell, we ask them to stay home and join virtually.

How will you be handling COVID precautions?

Microscopic rendering of the COVID virus.

Choir Culture

There is so much more to STANCE than just singing! Click on these sections to learn more about our choir culture, our code of conduct, our COVID policy, and how to join us!

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