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We can't do this without individual supporters like you. Please consider supporting us as a monthly sustaining donor if you are able.


Donate to STANCE

What your dollars do

  • Build a unique community space for trans and nonbinary artists

  • Produce music centering trans joy and hope

  • Promote music by underrepresented composers

  • Train singers in music theory and singing fundamentals

  • Create musical spaces centering accessibility and neurodiversity

  • Work towards paying our trans artistic directors a living wage

  • Allow us to continue doing outreach events with community partners

"Funny how the lifesavers often come so unexpectedly. This incredible community has taught me that being me doesn’t always have to be “not enough” or “too much”; sometimes being my creative, awkward, emotional and bubbly self can be “just right.” Because of STANCE, for a couple hours a week I don’t have to wonder whether my existence is good enough; every rehearsal I am sure I belong, and it’s a feeling I’ve been craving my whole life. Joining our queer, neurodivergent choir has opened up a safe community space for me to explore emotional vulnerability, gender-based desires, and neurodivergent authenticity. Being a part of STANCE for the last 3 1/2 months has helped me stitch myself back together."

- Yoshi Das, Soprano

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