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STANCE is more than just a group of trans folks who like to sing. It is also a supportive community of people who spend time together outside of choir.

STANCE Community

STANCE is an active and social community! Many of our members organize get togethers for anyone with shared interests who would like to join.

Past events

  • Apple picking

  • Kayaking

  • Ice cream socials

  • Backyard bonfires

  • Crafting meetups

  • Thrift store shopping

  • Pumpkin patch

  • Protests

  • Holiday celebrations

If you have an activity that you'd like to invite choir members to to attend, drop a post about it in Discord!

Social events

Musical Movie Nights

Two of our members are opening up their home for STANCE singers (and those associated with us) to watch musicals each Friday night. They are limiting the number of attendees to 12, for space capacity and Covid-caution.

Upcoming Movies

The link to sign up can be found in Discord, or in the STANCE Calendar in Chorus Conection.

"This choir offers so much more than just a place to come together and sing. This choir gives us a place where we can show up, as ourselves, and express. There’s no justification, there’s no explanation, there’s just joy in coming together and being who we are. I give so much gratitude to Haven for founding this choir and everyone who works so tirelessly to create this space that we get to show up in every week. And props to us for showing up because,it’s still not safe to be out and seen. This choir changed my life!"

- Victor Westbrook, Bass

Choir Culture

There is so much more to STANCE than just singing! Click on these sections to learn more about our choir culture, our code of conduct, our COVID policy, and how to join us!

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