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Upcoming opportunities to hear STANCE sing!


True Colors

June 21 & 22, 2024

Location for June 21: Rainier Beach Presbyterian

Location for June 22: Seattle First Baptist Church

Join us for our Pride concerts, True Colors. Our Friday, June 21 performance will be at Rainier Beach Presbyterian at 7:30pm, and our Saturday, June 22 performance will be at Seattle First Baptist at 3pm. This concert is one that honors a wide variety of musical styles as well as composers with diverse representation across gender, sexuality, and race. Come out and celebrate the true colors of choral music in June!


September 1, 2024

STANCE has been invited to participate in Bumbershoot 2024, performing a selection of space-themed songs. Bumbershoot is a celebration of the Pacific Northwest’s unique culture, first produced at Seattle Center in 1971. As Washington’s legacy arts and music festival, made for community by community, they are re-centering, and reimagining Bumbershoot. STANCE is excited to participate in this effort!

Upcoming STANCE Performances

Image of a mixing board, that is a semi-flat silver/grey with several white manuverable levers and black knobs

Past Performances

Want to hear some of STANCE's past performances? Head on over to our Recordings page to give us a listen!

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